Workout of the Day: Thursday, 8.8.19



A: Clean + Thruster ( (2 + 3) x Every 2 minutes x 6 Rounds)

B1: Weighted Pull-ups (3 Sets x 3)

B2: Wall Sit (3 Sets x :20-:45)


Heavy Fran (Time)
For time:
Thrusters (135/95 lb)
Weighted Pull-Ups (45/30 lb)time cap: 11 minutes
For weighted pull-ups place a dumbbell between the legs or use weight belt.
DO NOT drop pull-up weight, control to the ground.

To modify, go for an extra challenging version of your typical scale.

Know your history: Greg Amundson does "Heavy Fran" in 4:33.
Greg uses a rack.
You won't.

Justin McClintock