Workout of the Day: Saturday, 8.3.19



A1: Weighted Pull-ups (3 Sets x 3)

A2: Kettlebell Swing (3 Sets x (6-10)
Challenge yourself weight and movement-wise here

A3: Dual DB Overhead Lunge (3 Sets x 4/side)
Dumbbells locked out overhead in each hand.
Open hip between every lunge. Forward or walking lunges


Teams of up to 4--
20 Minute EMOM:
min 1- (10/7) Cals Fan Bike
min 2- AMRAP Strict Pull-ups
min 3- 15 KB Swing (24kg/16kg)
min 4- 30'/arm DB Single Arm Overhead Walking Lunge (50/35)

Score is total pull-ups as a team

Justin McClintock