Workout of the Day: Saturday, 7.6.19



3 Sets:
10 Seated Hip Rotations
10 Crab Extensions
10 Yoga Push ups
Med Ball Musical Chairs


A1: Sandbag Over Shoulder (3 Sets x 3/side)
Sandbag Clean from ground over shoulder. Typically alternating.

A2: Weighted Pull-ups (3 Sets x 3
Legs together, eyes forward. No frog hops, chicken necks, or other animal-based technique compromises.
Reminder to record weight for gymnastics as bodyweight + any additional weight used.


Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
Teams of 4:
30 Minute AMRAP:
400m Sandbag Carry (100lb)
50 Fan Bike Cals
30 Strict Pull-ups
50 Russian KB Swing (32/24kg)
-Everyone travels for Sandbag carry. Can carry sandbag anyway between teammates
-remaining work is total per team, split up anyhow. Must finish fan bike before starting pull-ups, etc.

Justin McClintock