Workout of the Day: Thursday, 7.11.19



2 Sets:
10 Standing Banded Rows
:30 Banded Plank
10 Hanging Scap Circles
10/side Single Leg Pull Hops
5 Athletic Burpees


A1: Downhill Rowing (Calories)
45lb plate under the back of the rower.
3 Sets x (5 Strokes arms on, 5 Strokes legs only, 10 full strokes)

A2: Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups (3-4 Sets x 3-5)
If these are easy, perform as strict, weighted, C2B reps

A3: Partner Banded Sprints (Weight)

3-4 Sets x 30'
Should take 5-10 seconds of accelerating
Raph Ruiz demos:


For time:
40 Cal Row
400m Run
40 Pull-ups
time cap: 10 minutes

Justin McClintock