Workout of the Day: Monday, 7.1.19



2 Sets:
10 DB Floor Press @12X1
5/side No Push-up Renegade Row
:20 Superman Hold
10 DB Squat Jumps
5/side DB OH Split Squat
Use relatively light weight for this DB flow piece, great movement and stability beats big weight.
Warm up and move well.


A: Bench Press (Find a 1RM for today)
Build to a heavy single for today.
You MUST use a spotter, and be prepared for a coach to potentially direct your weight jumps.
Full ROM and strong movement always wins.


13 Minute AMRAP:
6 DB Thruster (50/35)
12 Hand Release Push-up
24 AbMat Sit-up

These rep numbers should be something you can do unbroken, at least for the first round or two, and make it look GOOD.
Modify weights, movements, and volume to adjust. If movement starts degrading significantly during the MetCon, coaches may modify volume on the fly.
Ego is the enemy.

Justin McClintock