Workout of the Day: Thursday, 10.3.19



Nutrition Seminar at 12:30 THIS SATURDAY! Free to attend, 6-week challenge starts the following Monday!
Intramural Open teams can still be joined! Ask around, teams are recruiting everyone!


A1: Max Height Box Jump (Distance)
Max Height Box Jump4 Sets x 3

A2: Deadlift (4 Sets x 5)
Build to a challenging set of 5

A3: Handstand Push-ups (4 Sets x 3-5 @ 3XX3)


For time:
50 Calories Fan Bike
40 Deadlift (225/155)
30 Box Jump (30"/24")
20 Strict Handstand Push-ups
time cap: 16 minutes
For logistics, heats will run on a 5 minute stagger.

Justin McClintock