Workout of the Day: Monday, 7.23.18



Banded Lat Stretch x 1min/side

2 sets:
10 Thoracic Rotation in Squat
10 Cossack Squat
10 Pause Jump Squat
10 Yoga Push up
10 Scap Pull up
10 Hollow/Arch Strict

3 sets:
A1. Bar MU/C2B Work- pick 1
a. 3 or fewer C2B Pull-ups-- 5-8 strict C2B Pull up @33X1
b. 3+ C2B/1-2 Bar M/U-- 3 Strict C2B + 1 Bar MU (banded ok)
c. 2+ Bar M/U-- Bar MU x 1-2 including drop to hollow

A2. T2B/Linking work-- pick 1
a. 0 T2B -- 5-8 high knee tucks (invert if possible)
b. 1-3 T2B -- 5 Hollow/Arch with increasing amplitude, #5 is T2B
c. 4+ T2B - L-Raise T2B x 3 (bottom of movement is L-hang)

Death by Bar:
First minute:
1 Bar Muscle up
1 Toes to Bar
1 C2B Pull up

Second minute:
2 Bar Muscle up
2 Toes to Bar
2 C2B Pull up

Third minute:
3 Bar Muscle up
3 Toes to Bar
3 C2B Pull up

...continues until athlete fails to complete required reps within 60 seconds

time cap: 12 minutes

If modifying, pick a scale that will likely get you to at least the 3rd or 4th minute

3 Rounds:
20 Russian KB Swing
10 Goblet Squat
:30 Bottom Squat Goblet Hold


2 sets:
20 Banded Good Morning
10 High Knee Lunge + Twist
10 Russian KB Swing
10 Single Leg Glute Bridge
10 Half Kneeling KB Press
1/side TGU

4-5 Sets:
A1. Turkish Get up x 2/side
A2. Tough Ring Row x 5
A3. SA KB Swing x 5/Arm
A4. Bottom Squat Hold x :30

Every 90 seconds x 10 (15min)
Station 1:
15 Russian KB Swing
15 Goblet Squat

Station 2:
15 Ring Row
:15 Ring to Chest Hold

Justin McClintock