Workout of the Day: Monday, 2.12.18


One week until the CrossFit Open starts! Remember to register here and select our affiliate name "CrossFit Center City" when you do! This lets you see how you stack up against the gym, region, and world!


2 sets:
30' Spiderman Step + Rotational Reach
30' Lateral Lunge
30' Bear Crawl
30' Crab Walk
30' Duck Walk
30' High Knees
30' Butt Kickers

Every 90 seconds x 18 (27min)
10 Back Squat
10 DB Floor Press
10 Strict Pull up
10 Strict T2B
10 Strict Press
10 Strict Supinated Pull up
10 Front Squat
10 Push up
10 DB Hammer Curl

--complete each station TWICE before moving on.
--each athlete gets 1 barbell station. Load weight so you can adjust as needed between back squats, strict press, and front squats
--Aim to go 10-20# heavier per movement than you went on Friday, 12/15. This should still be a significant challenge.
--Scaling volume is always an option.

Justin McClintock