Workout of the Day: Friday, 1.19.18



Pigeon Pose x 1 min/side
2 rounds:
10 Leg Cradle + Cossack Squat
10 PVC Pause Jump Squat
10 PVC Front Rack Lunge
10 PVC BTN Sotts Press
10 Prone PVC Lifts
10 Prone PVC Press
10 Yoga Push up

4-5 sets:
3-position Clean (High Hang, Hang, Clean) x 3

-use this to nail your positions and grease the groove for both clean and squat mechanics in the conditioning. Find a challenging triple, but leave something in the tank for the WOD.

CrossFit Open 14.4
14 Minute AMRAP:
60 Calorie Row
50 Toes to Bar
40 Wallball Shots (20/14, 10'/9')
30 Cleans (135/95)
20 Ring Muscle-ups

-There are several higher skill movements in this piece. In 2014 the T2B and Muscle-ups stymied a lot of people. Scale based on your goals-- if you have your eyes on the open, maybe this is a chance to work on toes to bar, or muscle-ups. If you're less competitive regarding the Open, scale as we would for any other workout- use volume and intensity modifications which challenge you as you work continuously.

Justin McClintock