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Subversus Fitness is located in the heart of Center City, Philadelphia at 1229 Chestnut St and the home of CrossFit Center City, an affiliate since 2008 and Olympic Weightlifting training through the Liberty Barbell Club to both the seasoned athlete or the budding beginner.

Brand new to Subversus Fitness?

Foundations is an innovative and unique approach to learning how to use your body. In CrossFit, we don’t use machines, we give you the tools to build yourself for a healthy and well rounded life. Subversus Fitness' Foundations program allows for smaller classes, more individual instruction and more comprehensive solutions to meet your fitness goals. From this program, members can progress at a pace that is comfortable, yet challenging and personally satisfying into the full scope of Subversus Fitness resources and programming. Enroll on your schedule! Get stronger and healthier with our individualized approach to a stronger you.

How is the program structured? 

You may purchase 1 session or 12 sessions. These sessions must be used over the course of 2 months, but may also be used as soon and as often as you would like. 

The sessions may be used for completion of Foundations sessions which are held 6 times over the course of every week at Subversus Fitness. Sessions are held on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7am and 5:30pm. Get stronger and fitter on your schedule! Come to either morning or evening classes for your 12 sessions!

How do I enter regular classes at Subversus Fitness? 

In order to enter into regular Subversus Fitness membership you must simply complete 12 Foundations sessions over the course of 2 months (but you can certainly complete this over the course of 1 month as well). After you have finished 12 sessions you'll do an assessment. This assessment is a personal training session in which you meet with a Subversus Fitness coach who ensures that you have an adequate understanding of the movements and concepts necessary to move into regular classes. This session is included with your package of 12 classes. If you do have any remaining classes in your 12-session package you are free to use these towards Workout of the Day sessions prior to starting your membership!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stay in Foundations forever?

We encourage all athletes within Foundations to exit the program and move into regular classes as soon as 12 classes have been completed in the minimum 1-month period OR maximum 2-month period. That said, if you feel that you need one more month or so, you can speak with your Foundations coach about this and we are happy to keep you in the program until you are comfortable with moving into regular Workout of the Day classes. We do feel that 3 months of Foundations is more than enough to acclimate any athlete to the movements and intensity of participating in the regular CrossFit classes at Subversus Fitness. 

What is a typical session like? 

A typical session of Foundations looks a lot like our regular Workout of the Day  classes except with more basic (foundational!) strength building movements and simple variants of the conditioning workouts that are typically prescribed up front. Each session will start with mobility and stability work meant to prep the athlete for the work given for the day. Following the warm-up athletes will participate in varied strength and skill work which will then be followed by a conditioning session which will range in stimulus. 

Being in Foundations doesn’t mean the athletes will feel that workouts are “easy” so much as “simple”. Each hour-long training session is specifically designed and scaled for the members within the session. Some more skilled athletes will be prescribed heavier loads, others will be given less confusing variations of movements depending on the day. Infinite scalability is one of the highest merits of good CrossFit training and will be used in Foundations classes to each athletes’ benefit. 

This sounds awesome!  When can I start and how do I sign up? 

You can start as soon as today!  Email us at to sign up for a class for $20 or to commit to a full package of 12 sessions and get started on your Subversus Fitness journey!  

We would also encourage anyone interested to officially set up a consultation with one of our coaches. During the consultation you will receive a full walk-through of the facilities at Subversus Fitness, and a chance to talk with a coach about what your individual needs and goals are in beginning the program.  Beginning Foundations does not require a consultation. 

If you have done CrossFit before and strongly believe that you do not need the Foundations course, simply email us at to inquire about ‘testing out.’ If you are interested in pursuing Foundations programming through personal training, please email to inquire about rates and next steps to set up your appointments.  If you’re joining us permanently and have experience with CrossFit training at a registered CrossFit affiliate, please email us at to inquire about your options.

Visiting from another CrossFit Affiliate?

Interested in dropping in? We’d love to have you! We welcome drop-ins from other registered CrossFit affiliates in all of our regular classes (labeled ‘Workout of the Day’ on our schedule). Specialty classes, such as Olympic Lifting, Endurance, etc. are not open to drop-ins. We do also have a few requirements before you start signing up:

  1. YOU MUST EMAIL US IN ADVANCE – this is non-negotiable. You must give us at least 1 full business day’s notice. Note that our office hours are Monday through Friday, 11am-7pm. That means that if you’d like to drop in over the weekend, we must hear from both you and your verifying coach by Friday at 7pm.
  2. You must be a current active member at another CrossFit affiliate for at least 3 months.
  3. Your affiliate owner or head coach must contact us by email ( or phone (267-909-8210) ahead of time to verify your membership and your proficiency in the major movements, to include the two Olympic lifts. If you have any current issues (injuries, mobility limitations, etc) that would also be great to know.
  4. Once approved, let us know which class time you’d like to attend. All drop-ins are $20 CASH/session.

Whether you are visiting to take a session, visiting to view a session or simply a potential member you must email to attend any sessions!

For information about membership options and how to get started, email

Personal Training:

If you are interested in personal training with any of our coaches, please email us ( for available rates.