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Subversus Fitness is located in the heart of Center City, Philadelphia at 1229 Chestnut St and the home of CrossFit Center City, an affiliate since 2009 as well as coaching Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting through the Liberty Barbell Club to both the seasoned athlete or the eager beginner.

Brand new to Subversus Fitness?

Fitness is effective when it reflects what you need, not any one prescription, movement or style. We take a long-term approach to the development of you as an athlete. We start that with a discussion of your goals. That allows us to learn who you are and if there are any aspects of movement that are challenging for you or limiting.

Next, we build a custom training plan for you. Using one of the above programs!

You can't start with a more comprehensive, yet adaptable program than this for your athletic journey. Using this unique approach, members can progress at a pace that is appropriate, yet challenging and personally satisfying into the full scope of Subversus Fitness resources and programming. Enroll on your schedule! Get stronger and healthier with our individualized approach to a stronger you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I jump directly into your full schedule?

Our priority is developing your full athletic potential and that requires a plan that reflects your body. All our programs and workouts are scalable and adjustable. However, certain programs require different starting points. That's why we start you with an assessment and learn what you're seeking. We love CrossFit, but we also recognize that sometimes people have other goals. Using the depth of classes that we have available, allows for a safer and more effective entry point for new athletes.

What is a typical session like? 

All classes are coached from start to finish by professional and full-time coaches. We're not DJs and we're not here to yell at you (sorry if that's your style). We're here to be your guide to excellence in movement and building you into a resilient and strong human. Our coaches have over 25 years of strength and conditioning knowledge and you won't find them or the depth of programming we offer anywhere else. You'll also be working out in our community of amazing and inspiring members.

Doesn't fitness mean laying in a puddle of sweat after every session?

No, and here's why. Some days, we'll challenge your cardiovascular system (think interval style training), others you'll do single, fast and relatively heavy movements. Variance across excellence in movement and position is key in an effective program. Strength, speed and coordination are all vital to your health, you'll get them all in this program without technology, fancy gadgets or light-shows.

This sounds awesome!  When can I start and how do I sign up? 

You can start as soon as today!  Email us at to sign up for a free trial class or discuss membership options with us to get started on your Subversus Fitness journey!  

If you have done CrossFit before for at last three months at another affiliate, simply email us at to inquire about getting started with us!

Visiting from another CrossFit Affiliate?

Interested in dropping in? We’d love to have you! We welcome drop-ins from other registered CrossFit affiliates in all of our CrossFit classes (labeled ‘Workout of the Day’ on our schedule). Specialty classes, such as Olympic Lifting, Elevate and Bootcamp, etc. are not open to drop-ins. We do also have a few requirements before you start signing up:

  1. You must be a current active member at another CrossFit affiliate for at least 3 months.

  2. Please register in advance using Wodify. If you don’t register in advance, your desired class may be full, so please plan ahead. If you have an account already, great! If not, no problem, you’ll sign your waiver and drop in fee. All drop-ins are $25 per session. You can email us here with any questions.

  3. We have locker rooms with showers and towel service. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early so that the Coach on duty can check you in.

For information about membership options and how to get started, email

Personal Training:

If you are interested in personal training with any of our coaches, please email us ( for available rates.