ULiftU member and CrossFit Level One Trainer, Arthur leading a warm up!

ULiftU member and CrossFit Level One Trainer, Arthur leading a warm up!

Social Responsibility

We love Philly from Southwest to the Navy Yard, from Olney to Penn’s Landing. We were born here and believe it’s our responsibility to use fitness to help make Philly as strong as it can be.


Our in-house, 501c3. Founded by owner, Wylie Belasik, UliftU prepares formerly homeless and incarcerated men and women for careers in the fitness industry. Through a comprehensive 9 month, job-training program, we prepare our members to take the CrossFit Level One Exam. Our members receive a paid stipend, as well as nutritious meals from Guerrilla Nutrition. Members run programming several days per week in North Philadelphia to help change what health and wellness looks like areas of the city that desperately need that option. Click here to learn more. 

Strength in Numbers

Each first Sunday of the month, Coach Morgan Vozobule runs our free fitness program, Strength in Numbers with the mission of reducing barriers for members and advocates of the LGBTQIA community to make fitness a lifestyle. Each workout is offered at no cost and open to the public. Life has many challenges, finding an active and supportive community shouldn’t be one of them.

1% for the City

Each month, we donate 1% of all memberships to UliftU and in support of our North Philadelphia program. Our city can’t wait. The life expectancy of a resident of North Philadelphia and downtown can vary by as much as 20 years. Many believe that issues of poverty and chronic disease are unfortunate, but part of life. Being Subversus means defying expectations and taking charge. Join us in that fight.