How we build you.

We don’t use flashy machines. We don’t offer classes driven by playlists. We create community based around strength and accomplishment where every day, you’ll push your comfort zone, while strengthening every part of your body. Progress and gains are earned, there are no short-cuts, no hacks, no secrets. What you will find is a level of professional coaching unparalleled in Center City and in a first-rate facility.



CrossFit is constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement with expert coaching designed to challenge you every day. We’ve been ranked as a top-10 affiliate, CrossFit Center City, in the country and take pride in using CrossFit to help you connect to an extraordinary community in Center City. Classes are one-hour long. Getting started? Schedule an assessment today to help us kick start your fitness journey with a personalized plan. Email us at to join today.



We offer two levels of Gymnastics classes, designed to make you stronger through both dynamic and static movements offered five days a week. Level One Gymnastics is geared towards the athlete looking to do their first handstand, or unassisted pull-up or push-ups. Level Two is designed with more advanced movements such as; ring work, single arm balancing and tumbling. These classes are each 60 minutes, complete with a thorough warm-up, scaled options and hands-on coaching.

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Home of the Liberty Barbell Club, we’ve been the premier Center City resource for those looking to start both Olympic Lifting or build towards competitive goals. Our coaches have competed at the National Level (as recently as 2017) and provide expert, small class instruction with an eye for precision and establishing powerful technique. Classes are 60-90 minutes.

Click here for 5 tips when starting Olympic Lifting with us!



Uses primal movement patterns, challenging your entire body to achieve stability, power, speed and confidence. Classes are capped and team-oriented to help you not only build a stronger self, but also connect you to a passionate and supportive community.

Expect to use kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbags, plyometrics (jumping and throwing), air-bikes and more to build complete athleticism. durABLE is a mindset, not just one workout. Each 60 minute class uses varied and scalable movements so whether you’re new to the fitness game or a seasoned athlete, you'll get a unique challenge. No CrossFit experience required.


When was the last time you trained how you breathe? It’s the most basic movement that we do, yet often the most overlooked. Learn how to master your breath as well as yoga and mobility classes designed to allow your body to recover and come back stronger with a healthy mind and body.