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Subversus Fitness is a return to community driven strength and the home of CrossFit Center City. We’re here for athletes who defy convention and expectation. Who value hard work and personal integrity. In each of our classes, you can expect to challenge your body while engaging in an environment that values passion.

We don’t believe in fancy technology hacks or one-week challenges. We believe in being that last gym you’ll ever join because from your first day with us, we’re connecting you to a lifestyle of health, community and exploring the new limits of your body. It’s simple, it scales to any ability level, it’s effective and every minute is earned. It’s Subversus.


Long Live Fitness



The original. We've been a CrossFit affiliate since 2008 as CrossFit Center City and we're still leading the way with constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement and expert coaching.



Philadelphia's home for premium functional movement coaching and community. Featuring CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, durABLE, Power Lifting, nutrition consultations and personal training. 



Foundations is an innovative and unique approach to learning how to use your body. Subversus Fitness' Foundations program allows for smaller classes, more individual instruction and more comprehensive solutions to meet your fitness goals.

We believe in coaching methods where you connect with yourself and don’t become dependent on any machine. We don’t build playlists, we build a healthier you. Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, gymnastic rings, parallel bars, sleds and every speciality bar (with the knowledge of how to use them).