Current Cycle


Cycle starting 10/30/2017


Over the past 6+ months we have passed through a volume powerlifting cycle, a max aerobic power cycle, and a classic lift strength cycle. It’s been a tremendously productive and useful journey, and now we’re going to return to our roots leading up to the holidays.

This Back To Basics cycle will consist of conditioning piece every day, predominantly classic CrossFit-style couplets, triplets, and chippers. Many days will still have a strength/skill section, but these will be focused around improving mechanics within and preparing for the workout itself. They may include barbells, plyometrics, and gymnastics elements. We will go heavy frequently, and on a wide variety of movements. This could mean a max deadlift, max unbroken strict pull-ups, or 20-rep max stone squat…all loaded movements are valid for testing. We will have deliberately greater variance than the last cycle, which will lead to a greater general exposure to more elements, modalities, and time domains, and it will guide the construction of the next block (read: let’s see what we’re good at, let’s see what we’re bad at). For this cycle we will not be using a periodized progression across the same days of the week, but will roll elements across a wider range—so we may squat on a given Monday, but we won’t always squat on Mondays…sometimes we’ll squat on Thursdays.

This cycle is designed to increase work capacity, expose weaknesses, and be a challenging but enjoyable break from higher-end strength and aerobic work we just completed.

Saturdays will continue to be focused around the Stache Showdown through the event (Nov 11), and then will revert to team-based, sometimes novel/fun, metabolic conditioning pieces paired with skill work.

For Open gym on Sunday, use this time to make up a workout from the week, practice a skill, do some restorative work, and/or mobilize. Resources such as ROMWOD and MobilityWOD are fantastic tools.