Current Cycle


Cycle starting 7/3/2017

Workout of the Day Template

Strength – Squatting, both front and back squats, utilizing a tempo progression.
Conditioning – Short, intense, often very heavy work. Looking for red-line efforts for short intervals.
Strength –Vertical Pressing,  Clean and Jerk as well as C&J accessory work.
Conditioning – Highly aerobic multi-modal intervals
Strength – Gymnastics work with a strength bias, especially handstands and handstand push-ups with isometric holds.
Conditioning – Longer Aerobic work, including monostructural elements.
Strength – Snatch, Snatch accessory work. Posterior Chain support work with an emphasis on the deadlift
Conditioning – Higher skill movements combined with anaerobic intervals. Designed to compliment Friday’s challenge.
Strength – Unilateral work,  Fun accessory work, and Plyometrics
Conditioning – Benchmark/Challenge Day, including famous CrossFit workouts and CFCC benchmarks.
Strength – Will vary depending on length of conditioning, often complimentary skill work.
Conditioning – Fun, sometimes novel, often team-based, Multi-modal pieces. 
Open gym. Use this time to make up a workout from the week, practice a skill, do some restorative work, and/or mobilize. Resources such as ROMWOD and MobilityWOD are fantastic tools.
Strength – Unilateral work to compliment Friday’s strength.
Conditioning – Freestyle day. Wide variety of workouts, designed to complement the week and prepare for the coming Monday.