Current Cycle


Cycle starting 4/2/2018

Spring Strength

Our spring CrossFit cycle is a strength-biased cycle focusing on back squat, deadlift, and overhead pressing. This 8-week cycle will culminate with a testing week beginning on May 21. Expect significant volume to start with, and we will push the intensity as we progress.

For strength purposes, we will squat Monday AND Friday, we Press and Clean on Tuesday, Wednesday is Deadlift day, and Thursday is Pull ups and Snatching. Saturday will remain a bit of a team-based wild card, with Sunday being complimentary to the rest of the week, including unilateral accessory movements.

After a very successful Open season, it’s time to lay some foundations for the next year.  

Conditioning will balance out the strength work—on high volume days, expect short, intense, complimentary pieces. On intensity lifting days, expect to grind for 15-30 minutes. For those of you doing 5 days on/2 off, listen to your body and be prepared to modify as needed as we get deeper into the week.

If you approach this cycle with the intent of hitting multiple PRs in 8 weeks, you will likely be very successful.

I’m looking forward to it.

Let’s get strong.