Current Cycle


Cycle starting 1/1/2018

Pre-Open Cycle

The week of January 1, 2018 begins out pre-Open cycle. This cycle is designed around a weekly ‘peak’ on Friday, when we will repeat a previous CrossFit Open workout. The rest of the week will be structured around that workout to avoid overuse and/or over-exposure to movements. What does this mean to you? It depends on your goals—

1) “I really want to do well in the Open this year!” Great, use the next 6 weeks to get your schedule, training, and mindset in order. Thursday should be a rest/active recovery day. If you feel ok after Friday, it is suggested you attend Dawn Patrol on Saturday mornings also—though this may depend on how well you recover. Hint: practice recovering very well.

2) “I don’t care about the Open/I just want to get fit/Stop being complicated and let me sweat” — Worry not. Each week will continue to be challenging every day, including benchmarks and tests scattered across a variety of days. If you can make it on Fridays, you’ll have a fun, challenging workout, if not your typical schedule should serve you well. 

3) “Uh, What’s the Open?” The CrossFit Open is an international competition that is the first step to competing in the CrossFit games.  A few hundred thousand people will all do the same workout each week, 5 weeks in a row, to see who moves on to Regionals. At Subversus we will do this workout on Fridays starting February 23. Traditionally workouts get announced on Thursday nights, and we select a few people to throw down on this unknown workout for your amusement and inspiration just minutes after the announcement.

4) “What about all the other classes?” Gymnastics, Durable, and LBC 101 will continue to follow their own programming. All of the skills and strengths you’re working on are relevant to our goals here. Note that all of these programs will continue to be challenging in their own right—and can absolutely be utilized as a stand alone strength/skill/conditioning routine—and will not be ‘backed off’ for the Open. Translation: everything else will still be a serious test, be prepared to modify skills and volume for optimal recovery.

Don’t hesitate to talk to a coach with any questions, let’s get after 2018 together.

--In Strength,