Current Cycle


Cycle starting4/1/2019

Post-Open Cycle

Following on the CrossFit Open, we'll be using this post-testing phase to focus on building strength and skill acquisition/refinement. Olympic lifts will be regularly highlighted and tested (still time to sign up for the Liberty Barbell Classic!), technical gymnastic skills and progressions will be a introduced and refined, and we will end each week with a Friday 20 rep Back Squat session, looking to add weight each week.

We will also consistently have monostructural battery work, sometimes in place of strength work, sometimes as a secondary conditioning piece-- think rowing intervals, steady state runs, etc.

Each class will typically feature a good ol' fashioned Metcon (worry not!), incorporating heavier weights more frequently, which we'd been avoiding during the Open. Looking forward to taking this cycle through May. If you have any questions, please ask a coach!