Current Cycle


Cycle starting 11/5/2018


This cycle we will be focusing on building up our Olympic lifts—the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk—with an eye towards testing each of them the week before Christmas. We will start with higher volume, technique-driven pieces and gradually transition to increased intensity with less time under tension. Metcons will be varied and challenging— often including the particular skills and strengths we’ve been focusing on— as well as encompassing a wider range of movements. Olympic lifting can present significant mobility and stability challenges—you will benefit from finding the time for a few minutes of flexibility and recovery work before and after classes. Feel free to ask a coach for suggestions to mobilize and/or release certain areas. As always, everything can and will be modified to meet your skills and abilities where you are on a particular day— you will benefit from not avoiding elements you find particularly challenging (#OverheadSquats). We spent several months getting strong, now let’s apply that to some beautiful weightlifting!