About Subversus Fitness



We believe in effort and accountability. No fancy machines. No headphones.  Outside of some loud speakers, you won’t find a plug in your workouts. Instead you get an experience that leaves no part of your body ignored through professional and expert coaching.

Machines are built to accomplish tasks. We believe fitness means that you should be built to accomplish any task you want. That’s what functional fitness is designed to achieve. That’s the core of each of our classes.

You've been told fitness means you need a machine. 
You should be alone in front of a screen. 
You should wonder if what you’re doing has the desired impact on your body and your community. 
It should be quick and easy.

Or should it?

Subversus says that conventional isn’t your style. That it’s time to remember that “state of the art” should never describe a machine. The art should describe the pursuit of your optimal self. It has to do with quality coaching, a daily challenge and a supportive community. Results that support your health outside the gym and for the rest of your life. Subversus is defying what’s easy and expected.

You >S Convention
You >S Expectation
You >S Weakness